Face-Off is On!

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In yesterday’s post Face-Off, Peeps!, I raised the question of why organised groups including organisations hold on to an artificial persona, when human beings in their social life tend to look for direct face-to-face communication, honesty, and openness.

A recent article in Mckinsey Insights has highlighted the importance for today’s CEOs to build trust with the larger community. Richard Edelman from Edelman, world’s largest PR firm, explains in this interview that the new role for the CEO is to be “Chief Engagement Officer”. Businesses will now need to talk directly to audiences who were not addressed well traditionally.

Employee Engagement findings from the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights the importance of not only building newer relationships between employees and the company but also giving employees the opportunity to engage with the outside world.

A highly engaged workforce not only leads to higher business profits but happy employees go home as happy individuals with higher appreciation of how their work is building local and global communities. By strengthening the communities in which businesses operate, the current and long-term survival prospects of the business itself are strengthened. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

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