Face-Off, Peeps!

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It was an absolutely great experience to spend a whole day at TEDx Sydney 2014 held last weekend at the Sydney Opera House. Inspiring to see people from different walks of life and hear their stories directly face-to-face. How good would it be if television presented stories straight from the horse’s mouth without the media organisation putting its own spin and interpretation?

Why can’t employees who work on creating products and services for the company, also be given the opportunity to learn marketing and advertising to be able to share their story directly to outsiders so the consumers can decide if they want to buy?

Why don’t companies offer a few opportunities through specific forums where employees, consumers, shareholders, suppliers and prospective investors come under one roof irrespective of your designation in the company? You can see the same thing happening even when you go to a restaurant. Why is it so hard to meet the chef directly and tell the chef that you liked the food?

Imagine you have or had a crush on someone. And instead of walking up yourself, you choose to send your friend to go and express your admiration to your crush! If in our personal lives, we expect our friends, love interests and partners to be honest, direct, and not put up a false face, why do we have a false face or intermediary when dealing with any organised group be it a company, restaurant or your favourite sports team?


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