Matt Damon – Finding meaning beyond acting


There is tremendous potential of using a business centric approach to solve many of the world’s current problems. In this interview with Matt Damon and Gary White, Mckinsey Insights presents a story on how micro loans are being used to solve scarce water problems.

An article in Wall Street Journal gives us some numbers on the use of water to make some of the most sold products in markets across the world.

To make a pint of beer = Roughly 20 gallons of water

To make a 2-liter bottle of soda = Approximately 132 gallons of water

To make a pair of Levi’s stonewashed jeans = About 500 gallons, including water used to grow, dye and process the cotton.

The age old questions continue to be: Who decides which is a more important problem to solve? And who is responsible to solve the problem?

I suppose age old questions will remain age old questions and don’t often have once-for-all age old answers. Solutions can come from the innovative efforts of local elected bodies, non-governmental organisations, celebrity champions and each of us being curious, taking interest to look over the horizon and lend a helping hand.


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