Hey Kids, go clean up my mess, will ya?

photo (9)

Dad: My son, my daughter, I am afraid when you grow up after your expensive private school education and privileged neighbourhood lifestyle, you have to sweep and clean up all the mess we are now creating on this planet.

Son: What mess are you creating, Dad?

Dad: Well, all the things we use to live a modern lifestyle. Trash from all the goods which can never be sustainably disposed; green house gases, air and water pollution, some fancy complex thing called ‘financial debt’ which even adults don’t understand, just to name a few.

Girl: But why are you creating all this mess, Daddy?

Dad: I suppose some of these things are supposed to make me and all of you happy. Or so they say in TV advertisements, social media and all the friends & family we know. Rest I do because your granddad sent me to private school and I was expected to get a job, have a family and buy everything money can buy which will make me and my family happy. Being not happy was not an option. And I have always been told that happiness comes from buying and consuming new things.

Son: But Dad, you went to a private school and now have a job in a luxurious office. Why do we have to grow up after attending private school and clean up all mess created by you and people in your generation?

Dad: Because by the time you grow up, there would be so much mess around from unsustainable and environmentally toxic goods used by our generation that you can’t enjoy and appreciate your life until someone cleans up all this mess.

Girl: Daddy, what are you doing to save us?

Dad: I am buying you all the latest technological devices hoping that you are not left behind others in learning new technology. I am sending you to a good private school hoping that you grow up to be smart and ambitious.

And I hope by the time you grow up, science would have found solutions to create your personalised alternate universe where you don’t have to worry about the mess we will leave behind, but you can find fulfilment as you can personalise your living experience to only focus on things you like in life.

I also hope science would have become smart enough to replace any of your bodily organs which fail to adjust to a harsher environment with synthetic replaceable organs.

Son: But Dad, that sounds like you are making us cyborgs?

Girl: And Daddy, you are leaving everything to hope and hoping that all the hopes will hopefully turn out in our favour. That’s just unfair!

Dad: Such is life!

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