Arc de Triomphe – A different perspective

Different Perspective

Different Perspective

(Photo by: Tat Biswas)

A different perspective is always worth trying. Why do we always look straight up when something is in front of us? We can bend our neck up to 45 degrees on each side without breaking! And it’s good exercise for our neck and shoulders which were not designed to sit in front of the computer. Apart from looking straight into computer screens, these days we spend an enormous amount of time with our neck down looking at tablets and smart phones like a young child who’s been rebuked by his parents for something naughty and hence doesn’t want to look up to see what’s in front. So let’s take the time to lift up our neck, bend it both ways and have a fresh look at life.

Wish you get a chance to relax and ease in to the weekend wherever you are in this globe. The weekend is not far off and neither is your neck which needs a bit of exercise.

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