Welcome to tangle!

Tangle is a new category of post in soakin to contain some of my photographs.

Why photographs?

Well as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. With words, I try to soak into the depths of my own imagination and pick up a handful or two. In this search for words, I sometimes find precious jewels and at other times just sand and dust.

With photographs, we get a rare glimpse into life unlimited which is outside the boundaries of our individual mental imagination. If life were compared with a bank vault with no closed lockers, you will find a zillion lockers to open. And when you open any locker, you see magic. My best bet to feel what it means to be immortal is to capture such fleeting moments of life with my camera and share the bygone moment with others in the futile attempt to touch and preserve a part of life’s spontaneous magic.

Thank You for visiting.

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