The great lie of Art

Art is a lie that makes us realise the truth – Picasso

What is Art?

Is Art just what you see in the museum or may be a crayon painting from a 5 year old? Is Art slow or fast? Are the marvels of high speed modern technology, Art or Science? And is there a difference between Art and Science?

Should you buy the Art you really love or never buy it so that you can marvel on it’s splendour forever, be in love, in awe of the Art forever?

Is your feeling of love, awe and delight still the same once you have bought the object of your desire – your Art?

Can we really put a price on Art, for price is something on which the buyer and seller agree to exchange in the market place and how can you put a price on something which you love? How can you exchange love and how do you expect to find it at all in the market place?

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