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Thanks for your interest in We hope to live up to the high standards the community expects of us by bringing across thought provoking, unbiased and well-rounded commentary. Please visit our About page to read more about our vision and mission statement and join us in this journey.

We are still very new to blogging, so please bear with us if we fail to meet your expectations as we learn the ropes of being a public blog.

The blog is currently divided into the following categories:

  • Commentary: This will contain our commentary in the form of an essay or reportage on current issues facing communities and individuals globally and locally
  • Curious Cat: Our aim here is to bridge the gap between the esoteric and the essential. We will share practical insights which can help readers to have a more informed and empathetic understanding of the current state or continuous evolution of our living environment (social & economic) , our collective human experience. We will share interesting findings be they new, old or forgotten from fields as diverse as anthropology, behavioural economics, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, sociology, art and history
  • Fizz of the Week: This section will include thought-provoking quotes from past and present; spot light on organisations and people doing interesting community work, both profit-oriented and philanthropic; commentary on insightful books, movies and videos
  • Satire for the Midweek Blues: Humour can be a powerful tool not just to lift our moods when we are feeling down but also to see the world in a different way which is not easily discernible when we take ourselves too seriously in everyday life

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