Sustainable Growth- Whose problem?

Sustainability or the lack of it is deemed as a “Future” state presented to the socially and economically fortunate populace of today so that we may ponder about our current behaviour; look out for looming dangers or bed of roses; feel unabated joy about our present and future or just humbly accept our upcoming demise and for the majority a sign to work hard, save money and buy insurance policies.

Why is sustainability always projected as a “Future” state the taste of which we want to know without really putting it on our lips today?

If sustainability is a future state concept, are we talking about a solution for all human-beings?Is a sustainable world a place where humans in all parts of the world have a comparable standard of living? No matter which part of the world you live today, will citizens within the same country be willing to share their prosperity and wealth with other citizens, with others human beings living and breathing on this planet ‘today’ so that everyone has a comparable standard of living ‘today’.When we talk about sustainable future, are we talking about sustainable future for the rich, the middle class, the other class or for all irrespective of class?

In today’s world those who are socially and economically disadvantaged in extreme levels, the reason quite often being what people inherited at birth, their lives are already unsustainable without enough food to eat, water to drink, place to live and means to get educated.

There is enough evidence of damage being caused to the natural environment by human activities without proportionate replenishment. Whether mother nature pardons us or gives us a chance will never be known with complete certainty today. Paul Hawken says in Ecology of Nature, “Mother Nature bats last and she owns the stadium”. The plans we make for the future will also depend on our current and past experiences. So a region which has been affected by natural or economic calamities will prepare its next generation with more urgency than inhabitants of a region who have been blessed by Mother Nature at the moment and for quite some time back into the past.

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