East-West Product Life cycle Management

Do you think we are selling the Sustainability concept mostly to people in the western world? You don’t yet hear much about sustainability if you live in the East. You do hear about growing population, increasing prices, threat to the basic necessities of life ,buy insurance policies and oh yes why don’t you buy this product (mostly from the west or the eastern equivalent in look and feel) to feel you have arrived in life. 

Isn’t this the perfect example of Product Lifecycle Management: Be Western – Be Sustainable – Be Martians(may be)?

With or without good intentions, being sustainable is the next big opportunity in the West for people to reach the next level of lifestyle. How to increase the low rate of GDP growth in western economies? How do you increase the growth in west if you keep selling the same products which have been around for decades now and charge more money for the same? You can’t – You need to sell people new products and supply them with money to acquire the new premium sustainable product or lifestyle. Where will the money come for people in the west to buy premium sustainable products? Without enough growth in productivity, the easy solution perhaps lies with credit cards and selling no more useful products in the West to the east.

What happens to east? You also work hard and borrow so that you can have “Today’s Western Lifestyle”. Doesn’t matter the products will be obsolete by the time you end up satisfying your desires to have a western lifestyle. And yes, by then the eastern media will start talking about how western society has become more sustainable and the east needs to catch up..

Let’s first get sanitised before getting sustainable.Let’s agree in the first place about ‘who’ are on the sustainability boat headed towards the new garden of eden before we decide our course and destination.

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